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We began ministry in Manila, Philippines with Literature Crusade and Faith Academy in 1965. We transferred to Faith Academy Davao [now Faith International Academy Mindanao] in 1998 and Bible Fellowship Davao began that year in our home. We have three children, and 6 grandchildren in the USA, one child in heaven, and many children in Christ all over the world.

Our primary ministries have been with Faith Academy, with local Believers in San Juan, Taytay, Pompanga, Binangonan, and Davao, and with camps. We thank God for these many years of Spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial support He has provided though you, Our 'home number' is a WISCONSIN magic jack number 608-721-2756 that rings wherever our computer is.

Ministry Updates:

As we become older, our ministry continues in evangelism, but increases in discipleship and counselling. Pray we will be wise in the guidance we give - sensitive to the Holy Spirit and alive to the needs of each heart.

January 2015 - Davao, Philippines

Steve teaches History in the Middle School at Faith International Academy. This year he is also coaching weightlifting. In the past, Steve has coached basketball, soccer, and even wrestling. He disciples students to love the Lord and grow in Him. Each morning at 5:30, Monday-Saturday, Steve leads a prayer time at Bible Fellowship Davao. He teaches and leads prayer at Saturday night "Life Group" and occasionally speaks during Sunday service at BFD.

Dottie provides teaching support for Sunday school and throughout the week counsels and assists young people and adults alike on the many aspects of life ranging from handling interpersonal relationships, filling out important paperwork, and applying for jobs, to producing evangelistic tracts and Sunday School materials, aiding medical needs, providing temporary jobs for those that are struggling financially, bringing the unsaved to belief in Jesus Christ and encouraging them in prayer and Bible.

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